Thursday, 7 October 2010

Good times and thank you!


What a ride...

Its been so interesting, like a flash back to highschool! I can't quite explain how and or why but...its been quite fun! It makes you wonder if time could be turned back, would it have been any different? I've been doing things that have been unusually out of my character and had conversations with people that I don't normally talk too, and have made plenty of new ones too! its been so much fun, picked up a new job, may begin contract work with TT which will be awesome if i can help him out!

Its been so long since I've felt so alive!!!

I hope this is going to be the beginning of a very long and successful career path

I have someone in particular I would like to thank for this...well two people really, but of course all my friends that have supported me right up until guys are so freakin awesome! And I would have to say I've been the luckiest person to be so well supported by so many people. But yes two people...its so weird how one of them is completely unexpected...came out of no where! But doesn't realise how much they have helped me :)

So thanks to all, in particular those people, but thanks :)

Friday, 6 August 2010

An avenue to vent...

I feel that some times this is a good place to come too for a bit of reflection. I'm quite glad I haven't deleted it yet just for the purpose of it has always been a great place to reflect...

Anyways...I know I posted earlier in my Blog about a girl that I was with...who would have thought that, this girl was one the one that I would be with right up until this post. It has been more than 3 years, we have had the most unbelievable journey and I have to say it will be a journey that I will NEVER forget...It's been, in the only way I can describe in words as, fkn amazing...we had our ups (mostly ups because we rarely fought! And shared plenty of beautiful moments together) and some downs but very rarely :)

But now has come a time where the cross roads begin...I have finally graduated :D but she has decided that she doesn't know what she wants between us...and I have become extremely lost because of this...some times I feel like I'm doing the right thing, but some times I feel like I have taken a step in the wrong direction. Although she has assured me that fate will do its magical thing and show us that if we were meant to be together WE WERE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER...then...why can't we just be together now? HOWEVER that being said, all the events that lead to us dating...that was definitely fate. So why is it that I find it so hard to let it go? Is it because of the length we were together? no, Is it because of companionship I just miss it? no.

So what is it? Well I can say one thing is for sure I definitely can say without hesitation that I really care for her...alot...I hope that some day, as she said our paths will cross and our fates have been decided. Even as I write this now, and although I don't need it, I feel it will serve as a very hefty reminder that I am CERTAIN that there is someone I can say for certain I will want to marry in the future. She's been fantastic and I hope that we can make many more happy memories together...even though she is so freakin stubborn...I still love her alot...please give me the strength to see this all the way to the end!

I hope to god not many people read this...

Sunday, 6 September 2009


I can not believe it has been more than one and a half years since i've written on this thing. I had chosen not to do so because i realise that bloggers write here because they:

a) have too much free time

b) are an emotional wreck

c) do it because it is a source of income (completely understandable)


d) because it is 'therapeutic'

oh and also because they get gfs so they devote the time NORMALLY spent on blogging to gf time HEE HEE

hmm...can't say which category i fall under, although i choose to believe that im not involved in the first three!

anyways i just felt like writing something, and since i have this thing set up WHY NOT HUH! its been so long since i've done so and maybe i will actually blog properly once again...although i should really be devoting this time to studying haha

signing out...for now

Monday, 23 June 2008



feels like I have just awoken from my bloggless slumber and am back! but don't really know how long this will last seeing as it usually doesn't last very long but since a friend o mine e.g. Ben has just restarted his blog i thought why not! but since I'm not really a man of words here are some images of where life has taken me thus far since my last post! (btw we all know that I am actually a man of so many words that I can't be shut up) anyways looksee looksee and enjoy!

oh gawd thats alot of fotoz! lol

Monday, 1 October 2007

Lack of pictures

I really need to get my own camera...sigh

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Randomly posting

As a random post just to update it for the SAKE of updating it, i decided i would put some photoz up of my recent visit to the melb aquarium ( which i thought was utterly crap) but as a novelty trip , and craire wanted a romantic afternoon, i decided hey sounds like fun! and i also randomly added other fotoz as well haha

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

The Snow Baby! yeaaaa

This was the most awesomest time i've had in a LONGGGGGGG time! it was MAD fun soooo much went down it was hilarious, after not seeing snow for nearly 6 years it was such a refreshing getaway from uni! although i have settled back in nicely it was awrsome! Some lovely photoz to commemorate this occasion! Courtesy of Jun Takahashi and Kei Nishida(i think thats how you spell his surname...)! since i dont have a camera of my

Me n Claire at the snow! checkit the bling is rather blinding heehee
Operation Snowman commences...this is what happens when ur bored and high on fruit salad with teaspoon ice cream and cheesecake...inside joke heehee
the snow man takes shape! this bastard actually took us quite a while to complete the beer can courtesy of joseph u and thanh for making the hand he was so very proud of...that sexy nose and lovely joint in its mouth is there to be enjoyed by all courtesy of moi lol
Finally the complete project! i shall name him...evil kanevill
we all fell in love with evil...or did we get possessed...evil thing it was...
This is team snow man! we all worked very hard to attain that beautiful masterpiece!we are missing one team member because he is taking the foto but its all good!
Just before we left we decided to be our mission to remove all snowmen except our after our long tiring battle( and thanh severly injured...) we were satisfied with our days work!
Our normal pose
Our wink murder pose

And as us being asians we decided to have a Fobulous pose 1!And...a Fobtacular pose 2!...gawd almightly...

This trip will have it happy memories! and painful...snowboarding killed my ahole but it was soooooooo worth it! hahah anywayz gotta start studying again its time to nerd it up boys n girls!

Bye Bye